Support the spirit of someone you love who has passed away.

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Healing After Death is a guided meditation that draws on the wisdom of three teachings from Tibetan Buddhism: tonglen, the bardos, and the five Buddha family mandala.

From a Tibetan Buddhist perspective, all spirits go through dream-like experiences called bardos during the transition from one life to the next, between death and rebirth. Using the compassion practice of tonglen and the structure of the five Buddha family mandala, Healing After Death will take you on a journey of healing for your loved one’s spirit and for yourself.

These meditations are beneficial for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. You don’t need to belong to any particular belief system or have prior experience in meditation. All you need is the spaciousness of your heart and the intention to support a loved one.

You can do this practice for any friend, family member, or pet, whether they passed away recently or many years ago. The meditation is about 20 minutes long. Find a quiet, peaceful place where you can sit comfortably, take a few deep breaths to settle in, and begin.

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